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The Power of 15 Minutes

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November 16th, 2019
By Scott Peltin

In business, we often underestimate the impact that small things can make. This too often leads to missed opportunities and to too many excuses for all the things you couldn't, or wouldn't, do. During a recent trip, while walking through Heathrow airport, Patti (our director of nutrition) and I saw a diving watch that had an illuminated 15-minute marker. Immediately, we were both overcome with a huge 'aha' moment that this could be a TIGNUM watch because there are so many powerful things that only need 15 minutes to achieve some significant benefits.

Some of our thoughts include:

_Reducing meetings to 45 minutes will create frequent 15-minute interludes where you can properly prepare for your next meeting and also recover from your previous meeting. This allows you to be focused and in the proper emotional state for the business at hand. Our clients who actually adopt this strategy report that their meetings are more focused, more productive, and more fun. They get more done in less time. If you really want to shake things up, try starting the meeting at 5 minutes after the hour and ending it at 10 minutes before the next hour. It's funny how this little shift allows people to show up ready and on time and helps transition into your next meeting.

_15 minutes of Daily Prep movements in the morning can significantly improve your mobility, stability, and balance. This can reduce pain, improve efficiency, create more energy, and improve brain function.

_15 minutes spent preparing for your day through mental visualization can make you more organized, focused, productive, agile, and efficient. It can also help you create the images of you being an energy giver and a master collaborator.

_A 15-minute walk will increase your lymph flow (immune function), deliver more oxygen to all of your vital organs, improve your brain performance, and reduce pain. All of these can lead to enhanced creativity, more innovation, less fatigue, and more energy.

_By eating slowly while in a relaxed state, you will support the billions of bacteria in your gut to help you digest your food, enhance your mood, and even improve your longevity.

_A 15-minute power nap can increase your energy, resilience, and productivity by up to 35% and your brain performance (memory, problem-solving, speed) by up to 50%.

_A 15-minute resistance training circuit like TIGNUM's No Excuse Workout can increase your functional strength, rev up your metabolic engine, and increase the strength of your bones. Most importantly, it will increase your energy, improve your brain function, and help you sleep better.

_A 15-minute work-to-home transition can help you powerfully wrap up your workday and enter your home fully present for those you care about the most. This not only pays huge dividends at home, but it also creates momentum to start your next day.

_A 15-minute oscillation break in the morning and afternoon to clear your head, do some breathing, and reset your autonomic nervous system will help you be more productive, alleviate the imbalance of stress hormones, improve your brain functions, and have more fun.

_Becoming aware of your 15-minute blood glucose alarm will help you prevent brain fog and the wave of stress hormones. Once you begin to feel hungry, you have 15 minutes to feed the brain. The more prepared you are, the more those meals and snacks will support you.

_A 15-minute wind down at the end of the day to tell your brain and body that it's time to shift into quality sleep mode can help you improve your physical and psychological regeneration. This will not only improve your mood, your immune function, and your performance - it will probably change your life.

In today's busy world, it's easy to miss the huge benefits that a strategic 15 minutes offers. Think about the Formula One pit stop - in fewer than 10 seconds, they can refuel the car, change the tires, rehydrate the driver, and create a short yet powerful opportunity for the driver to recover. The power of 15 minutes can go a long way to help you Rule Your Impact.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

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