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We enhance the Personal Readiness of leaders and their teams

Sustainable Human Performance 
- a strategic must

What we do

We teach and coach tangible solutions to enhance the personal readiness of leaders and their teams. We take them from exhausted to energized, overwhelmed to in control, fragile to resilient, frozen to adaptable, fixed mindset to mentally agile,
being busy to creating value... So that they can make a massive, positive impact in their world. In a fast-moving world that is getting more and more complex, being personally ready is a strategic must.

Our focus

We enhance the personal readiness of each team member by developing strong performance habits on three levels.

01/Brain & Physiology

_by balancing the autonomic nervous system, eliminating energy leaks, boosting the immune system, and solving muscle imbalances

02/Daily Challenges

_by designing meeting-to-meeting and work-to-home transitions, mental models for problem solving, remote work challenges strategies, 3D recovery plans for all types of fatigue, and more

03/Critical Moments

_by helping clients identify and prepare for critical events so they can deliver impact and value when it matters most

Our services

We provide comprehensive performance solutions to master 

demand, load, and challenges.

Strategic Services


We partner with and support C-Suite executives, leaders, and critical teams to maximize their Personal Readiness.

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<p>Strategic Services</p>

Personal Readiness Hub


Human Performance insights, trends, tools, and data - monthly carefully curated by our experts with the lens of what is critical for a business professional and teams - pragmatic and easy to apply.

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<p>Personal Readiness Hub</p>

Discover how we can help your team

The benefits

Fatigue Management

We build your stamina to better handle challenging times and critical projects.

Energy Expansion

We expand your personal energy and 
the energy of those around you.

Mental Agility

We improve your brain performance 
so you can create new and innovative solutions, even under high stress.

Performance Resilience

We help you move forward during periods of chaos and uncertainty.


We help you adapt to the obstacles, environments, and people you work with.

Overload Risk

We decrease the susceptibility to stress 
and illness.



A hillside house located in Mallorca, the TIGNUM Box is the ultimate experience for leaders to unload, reset, and refocus with personalized coaching from our performance specialists.

<p>TIGNUM Box</p>

Research & Analytics


To be at the forefront of Sustainable Human Performance, we created the TIGNUM Lab. This is where we bring in new scientific breakthroughs and try out new sustainable performance strategies. 

<p>Research &amp; Analytics</p>

Our clients

TIGNUM has over 15 years of experience working with high-level leadership teams. We help them achieve their full potential and continue to advance their success.

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We often partner with top leadership development programs at leading business schools around the world. These include Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, Duke, London School of Business, IMD, Case Western, Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Client impact