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Do You Have What it Takes to Make an Impact in Critical Moments?

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March 7th, 2020
By Scott Peltin and Jogi Rippel

After 15 years of preparing over 50,000 global and diverse leaders and executives to perform in the most sustainable way in business and home environments, we embarked on a research project to analyze the data we had collected, to track the patterns of impact we had made, and to determine the most critical Sustainable High Impact skills. We asked ourselves, what have our clients in over 25,000 hours of coaching asked for help with and what are the skills we consistently see in the highest performers we know?

Additionally, we reviewed the latest predictions of the future demands from The World Economic Forum, Future Labs, the leading consultancies, and futurist thought leaders. We looked at the worldwide political shifts from globalism to nationalism, the economic shifts from a win/win to a win/lose philosophy, the AI explosion, the rise in political populism around the world, and the cross-generational struggles with the meaning, purpose, and ways of working.

The findings are irrefutable. The business world has seen a sharp incline in speed, complexity, uncertainty, and a constant need for innovation and transformation. Leaders and executives can no longer plan everything ahead; they must learn new ways of working, new ways of making an impact (at work and at home), and new ways of being. The VUCA world has, in many ways, been the warm-up to the world we will face tomorrow. The bad news is that this world will be challenging. The good news is that, for those who have the right skills, there will be endless opportunities.

The 5 Critical Sustainable High Impact Performance Predictors we identified in our research are:

  1. Mental Agility
  2. Performance Resilience
  3. Adaptability
  4. Self-Observation
  5. Energy Multiplication

Mental Agility is having the cognitive flexibility and power to creatively solve problems and connect dots even under high stress and time pressure. This means being able to appropriately change focus, recognize distractions, dig beneath the surface, and see the big picture. It requires a high-performing and primed brain.

Performance Resilience is not just being able to get up when you get knocked down; it is the ability to stand strong in the face of chaos and load and to still find the opportunities that present themselves. It’s about getting stronger through stress rather than weaker.

Adaptability is the ability to drive change rather than be driven by change. This set of unique mindset skills helps you eliminate drama, create focus, and create opportunities in the world of constant transformation. As Charles Darwin said, “It isn’t the strongest that will survive; it will be the most adaptable.” In business, this means being able to adapt to new environments and requirements rather than expecting others to adapt to you.

Self-Observation is the ability to grow on the go. This means you can watch yourself without distraction or judgement and assess your performance, your impact, your connection, and yourself against who you say you want to be. This requires a purposeful map of which to observe yourself against and the lack of ego to be open to constantly getting better.

Finally, Energy Multiplication is the ability to virally energize those you interact with and lead, so they can exponentially transfer that energy into impact. This is deeply engaging with others, listening intently, being flawlessly prepared, communicating concisely, and setting clear intentions. It requires the posture, physical presence, facial expressions, and self-belief to be followable.

Sustainable High Impact is a catalytic skill. On the surface it can look like a small thing, but the ripple impact it can make is huge. If you look at the world today, with the corona virus starting to impact the world in a significant way, these 5 critical Sustainable High Impact Performance Predictors - we call them the Big5 - are needed more now than ever for any response team and business professional.

To find out more about how we support crisis response teams and teams that face tough business consequences with the COVID-19 outbreak, please reach out to us at support@tignum.com

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