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Growing from Crisis

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November 9th, 2022

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By Laura Penhaul

Recently, a client in the biotech industry was reflecting on their team and company's journey in 2022. Like many businesses, share prices have plummeted, global teams are isolated, and there is a looming sense of uncertainty. With multiple projects running in parallel, many projects have had to be halted or stopped altogether. Her closing statement of the reflection was that she simply wanted to get to the end of the year. As the year is coming to a close, you may also find yourself racing toward the holiday season as if it’s a finish line. Like a race, this year has felt turbulent, with several challenges along the way, and you may feel an urge to just get to the end. But that would be such a waste.

Crisis is inherent to growth

Going through a crisis or challenge could be your greatest learning opportunity. It can highlight areas of gains and areas of leaks. You can discover and reinforce specific patterns or behaviors that helped you be at your best and create plans to avoid repeating outcomes where you could have been better. To grow on the go, reflecting on your successes is just as important as reflecting on your failures so you can create a blueprint moving forward.

Identify strengths that persist or emerge in crisis

After helping her go through a mindset shift, our client began to look back on 2022 in a different light. She captured some great gains and positives from the year, which they want to build on for 2023. They have a highly driven team in one area of the business who are motivated, energized, and dedicated to future development irrelevant to financial status. Her energy and mood shifted as she focused on building a plan to harness this excitement. She was encouraged and reinspired when she realized that her team's high engagement was not financially driven but purpose driven.

Suppose the company or her team was focused purely on their financial status, share prices, and all of the uncertainty. In that case, it's no surprise that she would feel deflated, unmotivated, and desperate to forget about 2022. However, taking the time to capture areas that are thriving, recognizing where successes have been made, and learning from processes that have been less efficient can help inform and shape your and your team's strategy and game plan for the future. But more than anything, it can help you be the Chief Belief Builder for your team as you remind them of all the great things that were accomplished and how bright the future will be.

Turn your crisis management into a learning process

So as this year is coming to a close, consider the following actions to ensure that you use 2022 as an opportunity for growth and can feel energized from what you or your team have achieved this year:

  • Start with a 3-2-1 reflection
    • 3 things you did well
    • 2 things you could do better
    • 1 thing that you learned and will take forward for tomorrow and next year
  • Review your ToBeVision - rate it and update it if necessary. Considering where you were with your ToBeVision at the start of the year, how have you progressed and where have you changed?

Experiencing financial, social, political, or personal crises is nothing new. But embracing those challenges, leaning into adversity, rethinking what it means to be the best version of yourself, and becoming an energy multiplier are all areas of untapped potential.

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