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Be a Creator, Not a Repeater

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March 30th, 2019
By Scott Peltin

Have you ever had to deliver the same presentation over and over to different groups and wondered, "How do I keep this interesting for both myself and my audience?" Have you ever had meeting after meeting and thought to yourself, "How do I stay alert without dying of boredom?" Have you found yourself in a rut at home as you walk in the door still thinking about work and less interested in being around your loved ones? It starts to feel like you are repeating the same interactions time and time again.

While this is very common, the cost of not showing up at your best at these events can be higher than you think. It's the cost of the missed moments with those you love, the lost impact during the presentations when you were flat, and not multiplying your impact at those meetings you attended without being truly present.

This phenomenon is not unique to the business sector. When you look at professional golfers, they too are playing the same game every day, hitting the same clubs every day, and grinding through the same pressure to perform at their best every day. As golf mindset expert, Debbie Crews, always reminds me, the worst thing any athlete can do is to try to repeat a great shot, a great pitch, or a great score. This only creates more pressure and more tension, ultimately leading to poor performance.

The key is to switch from the repeat mindset to the create mindset. Champion golfers step up to the ball (same ball they've hit millions of times) with a mindset that this is a shot they've never hit before. After all, the distance is unique, the weather is different, the lie is a first, and the score is different. Next, they set clear intentions, they visualize themselves creating this next shot, and they step up with little pressure to do what they love - create greatness.

Imagine if you would approach your moments with this same mindset, whether it's the next conversation with your teenager, your next meeting, your next presentation, or your next transition from work to home. The truth is that nothing is ever the same - no two people are the same, no audience you are presenting to is ever the same, and no meeting (even with the same people on the same topic) is ever the same. Try approaching these events exactly like the champion golfer. When you set clear intentions, visualize yourself creating these intentions, prepare yourself to be at your best, and treat each moment as a unique experience, you will no doubt maximize your impact.

As always, I would love to hear what you think, but also I would love to hear what a difference this approach makes on your peak performances.

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