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We partner with and support C-Suite executives, leaders, and critical teams to maximize their Personal Readiness

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Are your critical teams ready to deliver?

Certain teams within a company are critical to driving company value. 
This may include teams that are:

Launching new products

Reinventing a value-driving part of the company

Discovering new technology

Rapidly responding to a crisis

Driving an IPO or M&A

Leading a key people initiative

Often, the load for these teams is extreme, and the cost for failing is exorbitant. The company’s success often hinges on the success of these teams. For this reason, these teams need well-designed, science-based, real Sustainable Human Performance support. The standard one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. It requires new thinking. 

We have had the privilege of supporting several of these critical teams over the years and helped them to create significant value for their companies. We have learned a lot about their uniqueness, challenges, and needs. Only when you map the load, the periods of high intensity, and key meetings and milestones on the project timeline, and combine that with a diagnostic of the current Personal Readiness status and leaks, can you create a complete Sustainable Human Performance plan for these teams to win. 

Our strategic services are available in a variety of formats that can be tailored to your team’s unique needs, logistical requirements, and allocated budget. Among these are:

Immersive team human performance support (e.g., M&A, IPO support)

Foundation-building programs

Topic-specific deep dives

All services can be delivered at a designated onsite location or virtually from our studio locations, and are executed by our 
performance experts.

Our Experts

All of our performance experts come from a wide range of fields including human behavior, executive coaching, change consultancy, elite athletics, special forces performance medicine, and more.


Our coaching is not the typical business coaching. We focus on the personalization and implementation of each client’s performance plan, using TIGNUM tools and strategies that are tailored to the specific goals and challenges of each individual.

Every TIGNUM coach is fully supported by the knowledge and experience of all our performance experts. This allows clients to tap into a deep network of human performance resources to personalize their approach and get the strategies that will work best for them.

C-suite coaching

Focuses on the preparation
of critical challenges, key events,
and struggles in a 24/7 support design

Team coaching

Focuses on developing Sustainable Human Performance teams as well as creating shared vision and goals for critical projects milestones

“Over the last 9 months, my leadership group has gone from a collection of individuals brought together by circumstance to truly functioning as one high performance leadership team. We now operate with a high level of collaboration, cross-communication, mutual support, trust, and one shared vision of the future of GDO and what success looks like.”



Badhri Srinivasan / Head-GDO / Novartis

A proven approach

With more than 15 years of experience working with top performers from Fortune 500 companies, elite athletes, and special forces members, TIGNUM now offers access to the tools and strategies used by these professionals.

TIGNUM's tools and strategies are used by leading global companies, including:

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